Workers' Compensation

    Procedures to Follow When Injured on School Property

    What To Do:

    • Report the work-related injury immediately.  Tell your school designee or principal/assistant principal who will direct you to the school's Workers' Compensation designee.
    • Do not stay at school after being injured and not report the injury.  TELL SOMEONE in authority immediately.
    • Do not go to your personal physician.  Hertford County Public Schools has a physician identified to handle all of the district's workers' compensation injuries and claims.
    • Do not go to the physician's office unannounced expecting to be seen without an appointment and without the appropriate workers' compensation paperwork.
    • Do not give or show your insurance card at the doctor's office or emergency room.  Please inform them that you will be filing a workers' compensation claim through your employer (Hertford County Public Schools).  Have them call your school or Erica Holley at the Central Office for verification.
    • Do not wait days, weeks, or months before reporting an injury.  This will risk the possibility of the workers' compensation claim being denied.
    • The designees who are responsible for completing all workers' compensation reports and paperwork at their site are listed below along with the person designed as the back-up contact should the main contact not be available.

    Site Designees & Backups

    AES - 
    BPS - 
    CSB - 
    HCEC - 
    HCHS - 
    HCMS -
    RES -