• Q: How far can I expect my child to walk to the bus stop?
    A: Depending on the grade of your child, High School and Middle School children may be expected to walk up to .5 of a mile where Elementary School students would not be required to walk but .2 of a mile from a side street, this only applies to streets and roads approved for travel. State Board Policy states that stops should be no closer than .2 a mile.

    Q: My child’s bus has not shown up and/or is consistently late. Who can I call?

    A: The parent should contact the school their child attends or the Area Coordinator that is assigned to that area.

    Q: The bus did not show up on time for my child. How long should he or she wait at the stop?

    A: Your child should arrive at the stop at least ten minutes before the regular arrival time of the bus. If there is a substitute driver, the times may not be absolutely consistent with the regular times. If the bus is late, ask your child to remain at the stop. Buses break down, roads are blocked, drivers become ill or have emergencies, but there will always be a bus at every stop. If the wait becomes extreme, please call your assigned school or Area Coordinator for assistance.

    Q: Can my child stay inside the house until the bus arrives at the bus stop each morning?

    A: It is the parent's responsibility to have the students at the designated bus stop waiting for the bus.

    Q: Can my child be picked up or dropped off at a place of business?

    A: No. We do not make stops at a place of business.

    Q: What do I do if I need for my child to be picked up or dropped off temporarily at another location other than their assigned stop?

    A: Stop location must be a current stop. You need to write a note to the school administrator who will sign it and forward to the bus driver.

    Q: Can school buses travel on private streets?

    A: School buses can only travel on state-maintained roads or currently approved subdivisions.

    Q: Is transportation provided for students who do not live in the attendance area of the school they attend?

    A: No. If your child attends school outside of the district, transportation is not provided.

    Q: Who do I contact in regards to a discipline issue concerning my child while on the school bus?

    A: Contact your school administrator.

    Q: Are parents and/or authorized persons required to accompany a PreK student at a bus stop?

    A: Parents and/or an authorized person 18 years of age or older are required to accompany a PreK aged student at the bus stop. A bus driver may not release a PreK aged child from the bus unless this person(s) is present at the bus stop. All other students, aged K-12, may wait for the bus and be discharged from the bus without the presence of an adult and/or authorized responsible party.

    Q: My child left a coat (glasses, instrument, retainer, books, etc.) on the bus. How does the student get it back?

    A: Drivers check their buses after every run. Items left by students are held by the driver for several days and may be claimed on the bus by the child. Certain items are removed from the bus and turned into the school where the bus is parked. You can help by labeling all of your child's school belongings with the child's name and school. Transportation Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items on the school bus.

    Q: Why are buses sometimes late?

    A: School bus drivers can have the same reasons as motorists for being late. Traffic delays, weather conditions, accidents or driver’s illness are just a few reasons. School buses also have mechanical breakdowns or “no starts” that cause delays in picking students up on time. In cases where the regularly assigned bus or driver is unable to pick up students, a separate bus and driver are dispatched to pick up the students as quickly as possible.

    Q: My child's bus was involved in an accident. What do I need to do?

    A: Contact the administrator at the school.

    Q: What do I do if I am interested in becoming a bus driver?

    A: If you are interested in becoming a bus driver, you should check the Bus Driver Training page first. Then email Kimberly Quinn, Transportation Supervisor if you still have any questions.

    Q: What items are allowed to be transported on the bus with my child? Why can't larger items be placed in the front or rear of the bus?

    A: Students should only carry items on the bus that can be transported in the student's lap. Large items such as band instruments, flowers, balloons, etc. must be transported by other means. The large items are a safety hazard and occupy space that is otherwise needed for students. No item can be placed at the rear or front of the bus due to being a loose item that is a hazard to the students by blocking the rear emergency exit, aisle and front passenger door. These areas have to be free to allow students to exit safely and quickly in an emergency situation or a bus stop.

    Q: Why does my child have to ride the bus for such a long period of time?
    A: Hertford County Public Schools practice is that all students ride no longer than 90 minutes. Although we try our best to make sure students are on the bus no longer than is required, some instances are such that it takes close to 90 minutes to be able to accommodate all students safely.

    Q: Why does my child have to ride a bus without A/C?
    A: Not all of our HCPS buses are equipped with air conditioning. Unfortunately, some of the AC units on these particular buses do not function properly. Our Transportation Staff works diligently to establish safety as our top priority for buses. Fortunately, drivers and students can open windows to allow for air flow. We will take this concern into consideration as we analyze budgets in the coming years.

    Q: Where can I learn more about school bus safety?
    A: http://www.ncbussafety.org/