Mrs. Futrell & Ms. Tann's Class: Room 8 - 'Set Sail for Learning'

  • Welcome to First Grade

    Mrs. Futrell & Ms. Tann


             We hope that you and your child are as excited about this school year as we are.  We want it to be the very best year for you and your child.  With your help, we can and will achieve this goal so that your child can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

             Let your child know how proud you are of them and really listen to them (listen and silent are spelled with the same letters).  Let them know their feelings are important to you.  Good self-esteem is vital to how well your child does in school.


    The following is a list of things that will ensure a successful year.

    -       Go over the Expectations for First Grade

    -       Go over Homework Tips

    -       Provide a quiet place for your child to do homework and these supplies: scissors, crayons, pencils, glue, and paper. 

    -       Attend school conferences and PTO meetings (don’t wait until there is a problem to contact me I am here until 5:00 Mon.-Thur)

    -       Check Tuesday folder weekly and return test papers signed (this lets me know you have seen them.



    Our goal is for your child to feel and be successful!