• Beginning Teacher Support Program

    Hertford County Public Schools is committed to the success of each beginning teacher. The Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP) assists novice teachers in meeting qualifications that lead to a Continuing License. Our required support program includes initial orientation, on-site mentors, professional learning,  and collaboration with exemplary teachers.  The Beginning Teacher Coordinator and school administrators partner with beginning teachers and mentors for a cohesive system of support. 

    We are thrilled to have you join our community of passionate educators. As you embark on this exciting journey, know that we're here to support you every step of the way. Our program is dedicated to helping you thrive, providing you with the resources, mentorship, and the community you need to succeed in your teaching career. Welcome aboard, and here's to a rewarding and inspiring teaching journey!

    We are happy to publish our Beginning Teacher Support Plan as approved by NCDPI and our HCPS Board of Education.


    Imperative 2 – Strategic Recruitment and Retention

    HCPS will significantly increase its retention rate of teachers who score 0 or greater in their EVAAS data (6-12).

    Objective 2.1 – Develop and Support Talent - Enhance talent development systems to bolster recruitment and retention.

    Action 2.1.1 – Support Educators – Support educators to enhance learning outcomes.

    Key Result 1 - Support and Coach Educators with a clear framework.

    Key Initiative 1 – Beginning Teacher Program (incl. BT monthly meetings)

    Key Initiative 2 – Teacher Mentor Training

    Beginning Teacher Support Site