Beginning Teacher Information

  • Beginning Teacher Induction Program

    The Beginning Teacher Induction Program in Hertford County Public Schools is designed to offer the necessary support and assessment for beginning teachers during the initial three-year period of a teacher's employment and during the initial year for licensed teachers who are new to the district.  Administrators, mentors, mentor teams, support coaches, and designed programs provide new teachers with instruction, support, guidance, assistance, and resources as needed.

    Hertford County Public Schools assures that all new teachers complete required essential elements in order that effective teaching and professional growth are met in regards to obtaining a Standard Professional License 2.  The requirements to be met include:
    • Attend New Teacher Orientation
    • Completion of Professional Development Plan (PDP)
    • Receive Four Observations
    • Receive One Summative Evaluation
    • Attend Required number of Teacher Talk Sessions
    • Attend Professional Development Relevant to Needs of Teacher and/or Subject/Grade
    • Completion of Professional File

    Important Information

    Educator experience form

    Non teaching experience form

    North East Collaborative

    Online Licensure System

    Pearson Testing Information

    Post Secondary experience form

    Praxis Reimbursement Form

    Praxis Testing Information

    Professional File checklist

    Regional Alternative Learning Center