Voluntary Shared Leave

  • Voluntary Shared Leave is used to provide economic relief for employees who are likely to suffer financial hardship because of prolonged absence or frequent short-term absences caused by a serious medical condition. 

    Only full-time and part-time permanent employees who have exhausted all accumulated paid leave are eligible to receive donated leave from employees of the same LEA, a different LEA, a community college or a state agency.  An employee need not exhaust personal leave and the 20 days of extended sick leave to be eligible for voluntary shared leave.

    An employee may make an application for shared leave at such time as medical evidence is available to support the need for leave beyond the employee's available accumulated leave.  The following items must be included in the application:
    • A doctor's statement must be mailed directly to the Executive Director of Human Resources, Hertford County Public Schools, P.O. Box 158, Winton, NC 27986.
    • An authorization for release of medical information, signed by the person who is suffering the medical condition. 
    All applications must be submitted within 30 days of the date leave is needed.  (Form 1 - Voluntary Shared Leave Participation Application)

    Donation and Receipt of Leave

    Employees may donate annual leave to any approved employee in the same LEA.  Sick leave may be donated only to an employee who is an immediate family member.  A donating family member may not reduce his/her leave balance below one-half of what that person can earn in a year.

    All leave donations must be to a designated employee approved by the Executive Director of Human Resources for receipt of donated leave and may not be made to a pool or bank.  (Form 2 - Voluntary Shared Leave Donation/Participation Application)

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