School Report Card 2011





    October 13, 2011



    Dear Visitors to Hertford County Public Schools:


    Welcome to the Hertford County Public Schools, home of great students and staff. Our school report cards are a record of the progress we are making towards better achievement for all
    students. Each school strives to improve performance each year. An overview of the district indicates that we made growth as a district this year.

    Our three high schools have composites above 70% and our district graduation rate is 83.9%. As a district this ranks 21 of 115 school districts in the state of North Carolina. We are proud of these results and will continue to examine our practices to improve achievement for our district. Four of our schools, are now designated as Schools of Progress. We continue to work with two Schools of Priority and have one school with No Recognition. Efforts to address resources and needs of these schools are in progress.

    We invite you to examine our school performance and support us in our efforts to improve learning for the students within our county.




    John A. Fahey, Ed.D.