Small Group Counseling

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    Small Group Counseling

    Small group counseling is a service provided to fourth through sixth grade students. Students may be invited to join a small group during the course of the school year. A school counselor can cover many issues in small group counseling such as family change/divorce, grief, self-esteem, etc...

    The groups I have offered most consistently are peer/social in nature.  I also offer Girl's Groups to address specific issues the girls seem to be having with each other.

    Each year is a bit different and the needs of the current groups usually dictate what types of groups are offered. I will always ask for written parent permission before including a student in a small counseling group.

    Confidentiality is an important part of small group work, but it can be a difficult concept for kids, In order to avoid the problems that arise when students go home and tell their parents they can't share anything about group because "it's a secret," I usually explain it like this: each student can feel free to share what the topic was in group or what he or she said in group but not what other students have shared. Students who break the confidentiality of group and discuss things outside of group with others may be asked to leave the group. Small groups are for sharing and problem-solving and all students should feel safe in their group.