• In the fall of 1988,Hertford County High School was created from the consolidation of Ahoskie and Murfreesboro High Schools. Merging two historic schools into one was a challenging process overseen by the Board of Education and the teachers and staff of the two schools.  

    In looking for a mascot for the new school, the committee chose the bear. Native to Hertford County, bears represent the strength, courage, intelligence, and resilience of the people of the local communities. In a rare move, the Board determined that all schools in HCPS would use the mascot of Bears, further instilling the sense of unity of purpose brought about by the consolidation process.

    The school colors were selected to represent a new start, yet a continuation of old values as seen by the incorporation of gold, a color that was shared by the former high school.  Ahoskie red and gold and Murfreesboro green and gold gave way to Hertford County blue and gold, colors that had long been used on the county seal and flag. 

    Hertford County High School has a proud past of rich traditions.  We welcome you to our school. Go Bears!

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