Federal Programs

  • Title I

    Title I, the foundation of the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA), is one of the largest federal education programs.  Title I funding reaches approximately 12.5 million students enrolled in private and public schools, which can include preschool through high school students.  

    Title I provides financial assistance to schools with large numbers of economically-disadvantaged students to ensure that all students meet state requirements and academic achievement standards, and to support parental involvement.  Based on the needs of their student subgroups, Title I schools design instructional programs and provide student services to supplement existing programs that are financed through local, state, and other federal funds. The ultimate goal is to raise student achievement.

    All Hertford County Public Schools are schoolwide Title I schools in which funds are used to serve all students in order to increase student achievement.  Schools receiving Title I funding are served by highly effective teachers.

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    The following link provides access to the many federal programs that impact education in North Carolina. From here, educators, parents, and the community can launch specific federal programs for information and resources.


    Quick reference for several Federal Programs:

    Title I: School Improvement, Even Start Family Literacy, Migrant Children, Children who are Neglected or Delinquent, and Comprehensive School Reform

    Title II: Teacher recruitment, highly effective teachers, teacher and principal training, and enhancing education through technology

    Title III: Covers English Language Acquisition (EL) Language Enhancement and Academic Achievement

    Title VI: Small, Rural Schools Achievement Program, and Rural and Low-income School Program

    Title X: Addresses provisions for the education of homeless children


    Allie Evans, Director of Federal Programs

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