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Phone: 252-358-1761


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tonya Freeman

Chief Public Information Officer

Phone: 252-358-1761


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Robin Knight

Administrative Assistant


  • The Hertford County Public Schools Public Information Department collaboratively works to provide the necessary internal support and training that cultivates effective organizational communication, while developing and maintaining external communication platforms that build relationships centered on trust and transparency with those we serve and those we are accountable to. We believe our primary responsibility is to engage stakeholders (staff, students, parents, community members, and media partners) in meaningful and profound ways, which lead to positive relationships.

    The Public Information Department is responsible for directing and managing all district communications and public relations functions, ensuring strategies are in alignment with the district’s strategic plan.

    Communications/Community Engagement Strategies:

    1. Celebrate, promote and acknowledge the success and excellence of students and staff members.
    2. Develop and promote effective two-way communications with partnerships to gather stakeholder input on school district initiatives and operations for student success.
    3. Provide communication support to assist schools; with students, parents, staff, the community and the media.
    4. Enhance website and social media tools to effectively communicate relevant and timely communication, while increasing traffic and viewership.

    Additional duties of the Communications Department include:

        Press Release Writing

        Community Relations

        Media Relations

        General Public Information

        Crisis Communications

        Public Engagement

        Mass Phone Notification


        District Event Planning



        Social Media