• Hertford County Early College High School

    Community Service Program Requirements

    As a graduation requirement, each student must complete a minimum of forty hours of community service.  Community service is defined as any act or service completed by a student which helps the school, the community, or a family but does not benefit the student financially. It may not be a service for the immediate family or relatives or a fundraiser that is a financial gain for a school activity.


    The purposes of the high school community service requirement are to develop relationships between the school and community; provide diversified experiences for students; support the mission statements of the high school and the school district; expand district community service experiences; foster self-discipline, responsibility, respect, and compassion for others.


    Upon performing community service activities, students need to complete a community service form and place it in the appropriate box provided in Academic Support. The form is also located at the bottom of this webpage. Each form must be signed by the adult supervisor of the activity and be turned in within 30 days of the completion of service projects that are performed during the school year.  In addition, students should record community service hours on the designated online form. The link is also below. If the community service is not acceptable, the student will be contacted by the staff. It would be in students’ best interest to seek approval from Mr. Vaughan or a staff member before completing community service to ensure it is acceptable.  

    Students who have questions about community service hours should contact Mr. Kinkead or a member of the Early College staff. As a reminder, students must complete the online Google Form as well as the hard copy form which needs to be turned in to their Academic Support teacher.


    1. Complete the paper copy of the community service form. A copy of the community service form can be downloaded by clicking here.

    2. Complete the online form and upload a copy of the paper form. 


    **Mr. Kinkead will no longer accept paper copies of community service forms. All forms must be uploaded through the online platform. Once uploaded it will be approved by Mr. Kinkead and the Principal. You will also receive a copy of the form for your record.**