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    The Curriclum and Instruction Department is the collaboration of several departments including: K-12 Instruction, Exceptional Children, the Academically and Intellectually Gifted Program, Federal Programs, Career and Technical Education, Student Support Services,  Testing and Accountability, and Powerschool.

    Each department ensures their decisions are aligned with the three focuses of our district:

    • Data Analysis
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Professional Development

    Our principals and teachers are involved intricately in making sure these initiatives are reflected at the school level.  At the beginning of the year principals meet with teachers to discuss student growth from recent End-of-Grade or End-of-Course state assessments (EOC/EOG) to set achievement goals for the year.  During the year, principals and teachers continue the dialogue referencing benchmark and common assessment data to determine the levels of intervention that will be used to address student deficits.

    While ensuring our students have support to achieve academically, we have the challenge of assisting our teachers in building a strong foundation of instructional delivery in using the new Common Core State Standards, which is the new curriculum known as the New Standard Course of Study.  North Carolina and forty-six other states have adopted this Common Core Curriculum.  This is a great opportunity to build capacity among our teachers.  Teacher teams are attending workshops to learn about the new curriculum, reflecting among themselves, along with other experts to facilitate training for all stakeholders throughout our district.  Though there is much to do in preparation for the imminent transition to the new curriculum by next year, the long hours of tedious preparation is increasing the instructional strength of our teachers.

    Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) is the vehicle which drives many of the HCPS academic initiatives.  A well-established content PLC addresses four questions that drive what teachers do: What do we want our students to know? How will we know when they have learned it? What do we do if they have not mastered it? What will we do when they know it? 

    Our students must have a wealth of background knowledge to synthesize a level of learning that can stand firm regardless of the assessment applied.  In short 21st Century teaching and learning is the key.  Our students will be able to make interdisciplinary and international global connections. One method of creating this kind of learning for our students is through addressing literacy in all disciplines.  For example, the social studies teachers at the high school facilitate novel studies that are aligned with the curriculum, an art teacher at the middle school invited a guest speaker to teach her students paragraph writing, and a middle school teacher who teaches health exposes her students to novels that enhance the content. At the ninth Grade Success Academy, the principal has initiated students to Drop Everything to Read an ongoing novel chosen for each discipline.  There are numerous opportunities that have been created for our students.  Principals and teachers in this district are on the move preparing themselves and preparing our students to not just survive, but to thrive in the 21st century climate of the world of work.


    Meet the Team:

    Mrs. Tammi Ward, Assistant Superintendent

    Ms. Nicole Ballance, Student Information & Accountabilty Coordinator

    Mrs. Pamela Baker, AIG Coordinator

    Mrs. Terry Darrington, Administrative Assistant

    Mrs. Delma Biggers, Student Services Coordinator

    Mrs. Corese Bowser, Math Coach

    Dr. Patty Keene, Executive Director of Federal Programs

    Mrs. Becky Powell, Executive Secretary Federal Programs

    Mrs. Lori Morings, Director of Supplemental Programs

    Ms. Katrina Futrell, Director of CTE


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