Dr. William T. Wright, Jr.

  • Welcome to the Superintendent's Page!

    December 4, 2015

    I wanted to take this brief opportunity to introduce myself to each of you by way of written correspondence.  I am William T. Wright, Jr., Ed. D. your new Superintendent! First and foremost, I am honored to have the opportunity to work with you as your Superintendent to move our school district forward.  Hertford County Public Schools has the potential to be even better than we already are, and I intend to work diligently to ensure that we get there.  Good work is taking place already, and I am now going to join you in our efforts to provide the best education that we can for our students and the best support for our staff while doing so.

    During my first few months, I will be engaging in what I like to call the AAA process.  This acronym stands for ASK, ASSESS and ANALYZE.  During that time, I will be getting to know us better as a district.  I will do this by talking with students, parents, community members, civic and church leaders, government officials, and staff members and anyone else that I can get to engage in a conversation about us and how we can get better.  I will observe and analyze data, spend a lot of time in and out of our schools, and attend events, and assess many other things to understand “what makes us tick”.  After this time, I will use what I’ve learned (with your help) to formulate a continued vision to move us towards progress that we can be proud of!

    Our mission statement employs us to “prepare graduates who are ready to meet the global challenges of education, career and life.”  In order to do that we have to work tirelessly to ensure that our efforts are always student centered!  I am certain that WE can get there if we do it together.  I’m looking forward to working WITH you to get the job done.  Our work has to be Focused on Learning!  For Every Student! Every Day!

    I’m excited about beginning the process!  I look forward to meeting and working with each of you!

    Educationally yours,


    William T. Wright, Jr., Ed. D.






    Linda Eure

    Superintendent Administrative Assistant