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The London Scholarship application is open! Seniors see your Counselor for additional information.

Qualification for the London Scholarship

Education must be pursued at an accredited four-year college or university, Applicants must be high school seniors. Applicants should have demonstrated, through school activities and community activities (including participation in activities involving fine arts, sports programs, public service activities, social service opportunities, church programs, Scouting, etc.) the following:

High level of academic achievement. b. Sincere interest in, and commitment to, pursuing higher education,

Involvement in their local community. Leadership ability/potential, Expectation of returning to home county following graduation to live and work for 4-5


  • Applicants must have been enrolled in the local high school full time during his or her junior and senior years.
  • Applicants must have an unweighted grade point average of 3.5 and a score of at least 1200 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.
  • An Applicant selected should be a highly motivated and talented student who has demonstrated exceptional academic potential and a strong commitment to enhance his/her personal and leadership potential.
  • The Board of Trustees hope the recipient would return to his/her home county upon the completion of a college or university program. Financial need of an Applicant should be considered including other sources of educational funding.
  • Applicants should be informed that any scholarship recipient who does not reside in his/her home county (or another North Carolina county to which the Foundation is making grants) following completion of his/her higher education shall be encouraged to make contributions to the Foundation over time essentially equal to the scholarship funds received by the recipient from the Foundation in order to continue support of this scholarship program.
  • Each scholarship recipient should be recognized by his/her high school as a "London Foundation Scholar".